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Bulldog's version of the classic fat vintage P90 tone. Bulldog BP90s have the classic clean fat midrange tones and plenty of growl when overdriven.  P90s are a great halfway between the fat power humbucker and the clarity of a Fender style single coil. Delivering great overdriven and clean tones - BP90s will not disappoint in any situation.

This set partners a stock output bridge pickup with an underwound neck pickup so the volumes balance out between the two.

Works Well with

Any P90 equipped guitar where you need a great sounding P90 that's not too hot and delivers a versatile range of tones. 


8K Bridge , 7K Neck

42awg plain enamel wire

Alnico IV magnets (available with alnico II for softer highs and lows, or alnico V for an aggressive character)


Our Price: £65.00

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