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Looking for traditional early Telecaster tone? Want to hear you Tele twang and sprang? You need a set of Classic T pickups.  

Delivering all the bridge pickup snap and twang you expect, but rarely hear partnered with a neck pickup surprises with complex high end harmonics together with a smooth midrange response. The bottom end growl of the bridge unit is reinforced by the ‘50s style copper plated steel bass plate while the neck pickup sits under a nickel silver cover to preserve the high end.

Works well with

To my ears ash body maple fingerboard Telecasters deliver the truest vintage tone, but the warmth you get from alder and rosewood lends the tone a darker edge with more midrange that's great for blues.


Bridge 6.8K, Neck 7.4K

Bridge 42awg plain enamel wire

Neck 43awg plain enamel wire

Alnico V hand bevelled magnets

Magnet Profile
Neck Pickup Cover Colour
Reverse Wound, Reverse Polarity Neck Pickup

Our Price: £60.00

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