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A crunchy bridge pickup with a hotter, browner tone than the Vintage P.A.F. The alnico V magnet brings out the low end with more output, whilst the increased coil offset maintains excellent upper midrange clarity to aid both pick attack and note separation. The bright but even voicing allows harmonics to jump out at any opportunity.

The Hot P.A.F. neck pickup complements the bridge in terms of clarity but retains a typical P.A.F. warmth that is perfect for fat leads and smooth clean tones. 

Perfectly suited to classic or modern rock styles the Hot P.A.F will preserve the tone and character of your guitar under any amount of overdrive.


Alnico V magnet in bridge position and alnico IV in the neck position

42 AWG Plain Enamel coil wire (scatterwound)

K Bridge

7.3K Neck

Solid nickel silver baseplate

Wax Potting
Bridge Pickup String Spacing
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Our Price: £80.00

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