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I love humbuckers, but I hate the way most on the market sound. All of mine are full of life, with rich harmonics that make you want to play more. Listed here in low to high power output is the Bulldog standard range of humbuckers. There are some vintage voiced pickups including a few that fall into the vintage hot category for player looking for just a little more grunt for rock and blues playing, next to more modern rock and metal pickups that’ll satisfy your inner hooligan.

I’ve spent a great deal of time tweaking these pickups to sound great in many different guitars. I hope that you’ll find the descriptions guide you as to what they’re suitable for, if you need some help don’t hesitate to get in touch!

All of my humbuckers feature:

-nickel silver base-plates

-Gibson or Fender spaced bridge pickups

-nickel plated screws and pole pieces

-plain enamel wire from the USA (except the high output Black Label and WTF, which use UK sourced poly wire)

-hand wound (aka scatterwound) coils

-asymmetric coils (where one coil is more powerful than the other to change the tonal balance) 

-braided two conductor (vintage style) or four conductor wiring (for coil taps)

-optional nickel silver covers plated in nickel, gold or chrome

-optional ageing on covered PAF style humbuckers

-vintage correct rough cast Alnico magnets imported from the USA (except some of the high power bridge pickups using Ceramic 8 from Sheffield)

-optional wax potting, either full, partial or un-potted for fine tuning the response and tone of your humbucker

-neck and bridge pickup voicing within each design, balanced and matched to work perfectly together as a set