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Need a little more spit and snarl from your Tele? Looking for a great blues tone that has character? Check out the Iceman set. 

I've taken the Classic T and turned up the volume and midrange for a more aggressive overdrive, but not at the expense of the typical Telecaster clean sound. You'll hear more a bright crunchy tone with plenty of mids from the bridge pickup. The neck pickup is slightly hotter than the Classic T and delivers more midrange and low end for warm chords and smooth solo tones.

Works well with

If you need a bit more power from your Telecaster the Iceman will work great in any body wood. Ash body maple fingerboard Telecasters deliver the brightest tone,  alder and rosewood lends the tone a darker edge with more midrange.Specs

Bridge 7K, Neck 7.6K

Bridge 42awg plain enamel wire

Neck 43awg plain enamel wire

Alnico V hand bevelled magnets

Magnet Profile
Neck Pickup Cover Colour
Reverse Wound, Reverse Polarity Neck Pickup

Our Price: £60.00

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