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Voiced with jazz and blues guitarist Adrian Ingram to give a balanced frequency response and good power to deliver clear chords and full solo tones. Adrian wanted to be able to go from Wes Montgomery to Freddie King using a Tele - we did it with a traditional neck pickup matched with a powerful broadcaster inspired bridge perfect for authentic British blues. 

From the man himself:

“The quality of most reissue guitars, Relics, Historics, VOS etc is outstanding. Yet to my ears they are all let down by hard-edged, toppy pickups. These have the power and the volume, but seem to lack the warmth and sensitivity of response found in real vintage pickups, especially when played clean. Having tried many of the current crop of boutique replacement pickups the above still holds true. 

After several discussions with Hayden at Bulldog Pickups, efforts were made to produce firstly a warm, balanced yet punchy telecaster set followed by an un-potted (as were the original PAFs) warm and responsive pair of humbuckers. The combination of plain enamel, slightly offset windings, alnico IV magnets and absence of wax has resulted in a humbucker which certainly matches any of the original PAFs I have ever played. The telecaster pickups have brought my ’52 and custom shop reissues Teles to life, as have the humbuckers in my Historic Les Pauls. 

It’s no surprise that all the serious guitarists who have tried these Bulldogs in my guitars went straight out and ordered a set! In Short, ballsy yet sweet, especially on the top end. If you want to lose those toppy pings on the plain strings get yourself a brace of Bulldogs.”

Works well with

Adrian likes ash body Telecasters with either rosewood o maple necks, he finds they have a better low end and top end clarity. Alder body guitars work fine but don't have quiet the same level of crisp detail lending a softer edge to your tone. 


Bridge 11K, Neck 7.5K

Bridge & Neck 43awg plain enamel wire

Alnico V (bridge) and Alnico III (neck)  hand bevelled magnets

Magnet Profile
Neck Pickup Cover Colour
Reverse Wound, Reverse Polarity Neck Pickup

Our Price: £65.00

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