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I’m a huge Strat fan - they feel right to me, comfortable, light, perfect balance. Trouble is they either sound dead or harsh with most pickups! I’ve designed a range that covers all the classic Strat tones, plus a couple of special designs for players wanting something a little different.

My Strat pickups stay firmly in vintage territory, because that’s where all the definitive Strat tones come from. Oh, just so you know I don’t make a hum-cancelling Strat pickup, I just don’t think any of them sound that good – there’s a lot of hype and not a lot of true Strat tone. A bit of noise is all part of the Strat sound! 

The lowdown on Bulldog Strat singlecoils:

- Formvar or Plain Enamel magnet wire

- Forbon fibre bobbin formers

- Alnico magnets

- Cloth covered hook up wire

- Choice of cover colours

- Calibrated output levels for better volume balance between pickups

- Optional RWRP middle for hum-cancelling in switch positions 2 and 4

- Stock magnet polarity (non RWRP) gives true vintage style tone, more mids and more of that Strat quack

- Choice of magnet staggers