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Telecasters are great workhorse guitars, delivering back whatever you put in. A good Tele is a players' dream, no other guitar reponds like a Tele does. The tones can be aggressive or sweet, all from two pickups and your hands. 

The problem with mot modern Telecasters is they either don't have the twang or they sound too bright and harsh. My Tele bridge pickups deliver classic Tele twang and sprang in spades, with just the right balance of tone and power. The neck pickup has a depth of tone not normally heard on a Telecaster. Warm and clear, a tone that you can use for soloing and chordal playing - to make a great guitar even better.

I don't make any hum cancelling Telecaster pickups - taking away the hum takes away too much of the Tele character and tone, I've tried all the available hum-cancelling designs and none of them sound like a proper Telecaster. 

All of my Telecaster pickups feature:

- forbon fibre top and bottom plates

- copper plated steel baseplates

- choice of magnet staggers (flush, flat, vintage stagger or hybrid stagger)

- optional RWRP neck pickup for hum-cancelling when two pickups are used together

- optional stock polarity, not RWRP, delivering true vintage tone with a bit more midrange

- cloth covered hook up wire
- optional nitro lacquer on the top of the bridge pickup (nitro tends to eat plain enamel insulation so I don't dip the bobbin)

- hand beveled alnico magnets

- nickel silver neck pickup covers to preserve top end detail, in either chrome or gold

- Choice of plain (late '60s)or black ('50s) cotton string bridge pickup wrap